Thank You For A Great Year

Christmas is almost here. I hope your "last-minute-I-need-to-get-in" patients are not getting you too crazy this week.

My team and I are shutting down pretty quickly here for the holidays. With the year wrapping up, it has me reflecting on all the great things that happened this year. When I think of the year, I think about my chiropractic friends who now are kind of like my family. 

This fall, I've been all around America, meeting doctors, listening to stories, learning about practices, and helping you hit some of your freedom goals. It's always been a pleasure to be welcomed as part of the CSA community when I run into some members.

Many of you have supported my family and I with an investment in your website. I am very thankful for this privilege to partner together.

I created this page of resources as a way of saying "Thank You" for welcoming me in the CSA family.
I hope something on this page will be helpful for you as you look to further success in the coming year.
This book is a must-read for creating a clear message.

Get the first three chapters from "Building A StoryBrand". You'll learn: 

  • why most marketing isn't working today
  • how to speak to people so they listen
  • the 7-part StoryBrand framework that is disrupting the marketing world.
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If you want to know what to do to apply the StoryBrand Framework to your business, we created a fail-safe checklist for you to go through.

This resource includes:

  • what to include on your website
  • what should you post on social media
  • how to write an email campaign
Download the Checklist
Are You Struggling To Find The Right Words To Put On Your Website?

It pains us to think about how many hours are spent staring at a blinking cursor, not knowing what to type.

This little resource helps you apply your BrandScript to your website, saving you time and helping convert your browsers to buyers.

Don't miss this opportunity to seize this amazing resource.

Get Your Home Page Template
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It's Time To Break Free From Confusion And Get Clear In Your Marketing

Our group of over 1000 StoryBrand fans would love to help you apply the framework:

  • Learn how to StoryBrand your business
  • Get feedback from other business leaders
  • Grow your network
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Does Your Website Have What It Takes To Win Online?
Download a free PDF of the 10 Essentials Of Winning Websites

There's so much you could do with your website. Additions, plugins, ideas. It can be overwhelming.
Here's a document that makes sure you are clear about the basics for your site to stand out.

Download The Resource

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