Too many great DCs are missing opportunities to reach new patients because their website is failing them.
If your website looks dated, confusing, or is getting buried on Google, we've got a resource to help you.
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Having worked with chiropractors for the last three years, Jon Morrison noticed common pain points that kept coming up over and over.

When It Comes To Chiropractic Websites:

  • Good practices were being overlooked by the public because the practice's website didn't look good.
  • The words were confusing and did not connect with their ideal client.
  • Often the messaging was filled with generic chiropractor-speak and did not reflect the personal views of the doctor.
  • The site was getting buried on Google for various, solvable reasons.
  • The platform the site was built on was confusing and tough to make edits or updates.

We've Got A Resource That Helps Solve Your Website Problem.

It Covers The Four Essentials For A Winning Website

It Has Beautiful Design
We cover the elements you need (colors, font choice, layout) that help a site stand out.
The Message Is Clear
You learn the framework to get the words that target both head and heart of your ideal patient.
It Uses The Best SEO Tools
You want to do everything you can do show up for those who are looking for you.
Easy To Edit
You need a platform with easy content editing so that you can feel like it's your site.

Do You Have A Framework To Create A Great Website?

Watch this video to get an overview of what you need.
About The Author
Jon Morrison is passionate about helping the best doctors get connected to the best tools to grow their practice.

Having worked with and spoken to chiropractors all over North America, Jon has become an expert in creating winning chiropractic websites. What he has shared in talks and with his clients, he is now excited to pass on this new resource to a new circle of doctors who can benefit from what he teaches.

Jon is the lead consultant at Get Clear Consulting. He lives in Abbotsford, B.C. with his wife, Hayley, and their three girls.

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Lousy Websites Are Just Too Costly.
Your practice is too precious and future patients are too important to squander this opportunity.


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