These are incredibly challenging times for many businesses. It is more than likely that either your growth is starting to slow or your starting to go backwards due to the global crisis. So what can you do to get through this? 

Here's a tip from world renowned business expert Errol Gerson. 

Simply offer to help. 

This is the time to be incredibly proactive and reach out to every past, current, and potential client you can think of. Send them a text, email, LinkedIn message and simply offer your help if they need anything. You will find this will get you a higher response rate than asking if they have any work for you. When we ask if there are any projects, or work that they need done we put the client on the defensive, and an awkward position to say no, and more than likely they just won't respond. 

If we send them an email stating that we are here to help you with whatever you need, or better yet provide and example of how you can help then we are putting ourselves in a much better position to get a response from the client.

So put yourself out there as much as you possibly can, and just offer your assistance without asking for anything, and watch the impact that this can have on your clients. 


Josh Redekop

Josh Redekop

Client Relations Manager

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