You know by now that once you get a clear message, the work of applying the StoryBrand framework to your marketing is far from done.

There a few critical steps coming up:

1. You still need to get the message onto a website platform that is "StoryBrand-friendly".

If you are using a platform or template that makes it difficult to add the layout you know you need, you're going to get incredibly frustrated. 

What good is it to spend all that time designing that wireframe when you can't even apply it to an actual website? 

When I first started as a StoryBrand Guide in 2016, I struggled to find a website builder that I enjoyed (and could help me transform wireframes into websites). Get Clear solved this problem for me with our simple-to-use, easy-to-build StoryBrand builder. We created all kinds of templates that made applying the framework so simple.

Today, with our platform, you can literally crank out a StoryBrand website in just a few hours. You'll see how we have done that in this video.

2. You Need A Simple Hook Up For Your Funnel

A marketing funnel is how you take people on your site from browsers to buyers. Just like we date in our culture before we marry, customers date you and your content before they hire you.

You can't read "Building A StoryBrand" without the strong exhortation to set this up on your website. To do this, you'll need a lead generator that is attached to an email nurture sequence which potential customers receive from you each day. For many years, I had to sign up to a 3rd party CRM like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

This meant:

  • struggling to learn another platform
  • paying another subscription fee
  • struggling to embed the forms on your website
  • and anyone who does this knows there is more

"There's Gotta Be A Better Way"

For years I wanted a product that could do it all for us.

Now we have it.

The Get Clear platform can now integrate your website, lead generator, and email drip sequence. 

Our platform can now check all the boxes:

  • StoryBrand template
  • Collecting a new lead anywhere on your website
  • Hosting your lead generator
  • Dripping unlimited emails to your new lead

It's Yours For No Extra Cost

We are beyond excited to offer this to our existing clients and anyone who wants to use our platform.

You can get a site started on one of our templates for just $39/mo.

Click here to get started on a seven-day trial.

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