Get Clear Sites Is Driven By These Values

- Clients Must Succeed

We are not successful unless our clients are successful. We are in the business of growing business.

- We Aim For Excellence

We solve problems and do everything with the highest level of excellence.

- We're Better Working Together

We have created a network of creative leaders to serve our clients. We have never found a problem

that someone couldn't solve with their expertise.

- Never Stop Innovating

We always want to be coming up with new ideas and assessing how we can do what we do better.

- We Value Generosity

The more we grow, the more generous we get to be.

The Get Clear Sites Team

Here to serve you.
Jon Morrison
Director & StoryBrand Guide
Michelle Cullom
Business Administrator & Social Media Coordinator
Jonathon Vogel
StoryBrand Expert & Onboarding Specialist
Kasey Cullom
Operations Coordinator
Josh Redekop
Client Success Team Lead
Daniel Goertz
Financial Coordinator
Josh Lim
Platform Developer
Phil Schalm
Platform Developer
Justin Kroeker
Platform Develop
Steve James
SEO Strategist

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