StroyBrand Session

When building the StoryBrand for any client our main goal is to establish who their target audience is, who the villain of that audience is, and how we can build them as the guide for the audience. 

For Engineer Your Mission it was clear from the start that this was a business that was designed to fight the villain of the dreaded job search for engineers. We helped build out the wording and concrete ideas for Engineer Your Mission so they can clearly communicate to their clients that they specialize in helping clients find the careers of their dreams by building their interview skills and clarifying what they are looking for. 

Website Build

For this project, a huge part of the build was having the proper layout so that the messaging was crystal clear to visitors. The home page was made to have smooth transitions from addressing the villain, to establishing the guide, to finally creating a firm call to action. 

Another key to the creation of this site was having quality content for the about and services pages to give clear options instead of typical ambiguous and confusing options.

Ongoing Support

This project was a tremendous success for both us and the client, but our partnership hasn't ended just because the site is finished. We are constantly looking for improvements to our platform and building additional options for editing the site. 

Along with these site improvements we also pride ourselves on tech support that is provided by real people and not robots. 

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