Once you've gone through the framework and copywriting with a client, it's now time to offer making a website.
With Get Clear Sites, we've made it so simple for anyone to create beautiful websites.
Website Building Is Easier Than Ever
We've got the tool in place now to help you open up a new revenue stream.

If you're tired of struggling with Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and other drag and drop software, you need to try this out.

  • The software is so intuitive you can learn it as you work on your first project.
  • The features are modern, allowing you to customize everything.
  • The templates are all StoryBranded so you can move quickly copying/pasting the framework.
  • The coding is hardwired into the platform so you never have to worry about breaking the site.
  • We have a support team so you can connect with another human when you're struggling.
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Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of This Platform

If you can operate a Facebook page, you'll be able to figure this platform out. Make simple changes and customize our template all you want.
You don't have to get support from a chat bot or a Youtube tutorial. We will make sure you have all the help you need to get the site you want.
Wouldn't it be great to get a few thousand dollars for an afternoon of work?
"I cannot say enough how pleased I am to have worked with the Get Clear team.
My website turned out wonderfully. I will be recommending Jon and his team to my friends and colleagues."

- Daniel Edwards, Google Review

Having Income From Websites Got Me Through The Tough COVID Season

When I became a Certified StoryBrand Guide in 2017, it was a different world.

Even though I fumbled through sales calls and Brand Messaging sessions...the demand for StoryBrand work was high and the supply of Guides was low that there was a lot of room for grace. Now, with around 500 licensed Guides and coaches, things are different. When things get more competitive, we have to be able to pivot and grow in order to grow our businesses as Guides. 

Before learning how to create websites, I watched my clients spend thousands of dollars to web developers. After it happened a few times, I determined that I would figure out how to make that money myself.

I knew that limiting my expertise to just being a consultant, coach and copywriter would cap my progress and commoditized my services.

I knew that websites were an opportunity to create consistent revenue.

But we all know that trying to learn about website building can be frustrating, especially if you have no background in web design.

  • What's the best platform for building StoryBranded websites?
  • What template do you use?
  • What about the technical problems that come up along the way? Who can you turn to?

I searched all over for a website template that would help me and my clients use the principles Don and his team had taught me. Thankfully, my brother, the brains of the family, is a web developer who had built a successful business creating websites for churches. They were created so easy to use that a church secretary would have no trouble using the site.

I know that not everyone is so fortunate to have a brother you can turn to when you're struggling. That's why I wanted to make sure that my company would always be there for our clients who were experiencing some kind of technical difficulties.



This Is A Tool You Should Come To Love

We use that model and today my team and I excited to offer this new tool. It's for those who love StoryBrand and want to create beautiful, engaging websites on their own. Our clients love their websites and the platform upon which it is built.

I founded Get Clear because I am passionate about watching great businesses succeed. Every day I work hard to give my clients the best tools so they can better serve their clients. I believe this website builder is one of our best contributions yet. 

We Charge $39/mo. You Charge Whatever You Want.

To host, secure, and provide technical support for a website, we require $39/mo. That's what we get for making you look like a rockstar web designer.

You can rely on our Training, Knowledge Base and Suppor Team to make sure you have what you need to be a great website provider. Whatever you charge your client after that is up to you.

Many businesses are willing to pay between $50-80 (and more) for the hosting of their website. That means for every website you sell, you could make $10/mo (to do very little) or up to $50/mo. That's between you and your client.

We just make sure you'll have a great site on an easy-to-use platform that you and your client are proud of. 

This is what one of our client's Deb Prierto wrote:
"I believe Get Clear Sites is a hidden gem. It is the “Squarespace” for StoryBrand Marketing."

Everyone trying to do StoryBrand Marketing should know about Clear Sites.

It allowed me to take my work from the marketing course at Business Made Simple and bring it to life. The product is intuitive and the tech support was very responsive.

I was able to do it myself and saved a LOT of money. I loved working with Get Clear Sites and would recommend them to anyone. I’m not trying to sell clear sites as I would never get anything out of it anyways, but what I learned was that the pairing of the Marketing Course from Business Made Simple with Get Clear Sites was the “magic” combination I needed. No one else I know of is doing what Get Clear Sites is doing.

I think Get Clear needs a special category on the StoryBrand website called "Do It Yourself StoryBrand Websites". I love my site and what it's doing to help me grow my business."

-Deb Prierto "Reimagine Coaching and Consulting"

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Here's How We Get You Earning Money In Website Design

Sell A New Website To A Client
You can charge $1k, $3k or $10k to build a beautiful StoryBrand website for them.
Start A Website For Your Client
Sign up, pick your template and start building the site with information from their BrandScript.
Launch A Great Site
We will be there to support you as you keep their site performing.
This tool will help a lot of Guides open up a revenue stream they never thought possible.
Schedule a demonstration to discuss what you can do to serve your clients better and recenession-proof your business.
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