Site Layout

These videos teach how to create the layout of the site and how to build specific pages. 

Creating A New Page

To create a new page click on the plus sign, click new page, fill in a title and then click save.

Making A Services Page

One option for creating a services page is to make several or more text with photo blocks which alternate between solid color and a photo background.

Making A Program

A program is a great way to show services or conditions. A collection is a group of programs which are essentially a grouping of photo links which can be created under admin/content.

Creating A Home Page

Our home pages for the most part have the same structure which is based on storybrand. Check out this video to see everything needed to complete a home page.

Website Edits and Block Creation

After you have build the structure of the site this videos help fill out the pages and teach you how to create blocks. 

Creating A Redirect

Redirects are used If a client had a pre-existing website. Redirects forward their old website to the current website so the client doesn't lose out on any SEO.

Uploading a logo.

To change logo that appears in the top left of the page complete the following steps. Go to admin, click design, click on logo and then upload the saved file that you have on your computer.

Creating A Video Block

To create a video block you will need the url for the video from either vimeo or youtube. Once you have the url all that needs to be done is a copy/paste and the addition of a heading.

How To Copy Over Content

Copying over content involves more than just copy /paste. This video will show how to copy over content as well as how to format it properly.

How To Use Text With Photo

Text with photo is the most common type of block. This video will show you how to create, edit, and use all features of the block.

How To Change Colors

Changing colors on the site involves getting a set of 3 hex colors and pasting them into the site. To change site color go to the admin tab and then to design.

How To Change Fonts

To change the fonts on the site go to the admin tab and then go to design and click fonts on the side menu.

How To Change Contact Info

To change contact info go to admin/settings and use the general, map, locations options on the side menu.

How To Use The Icon Block

The icon block is a great way to show values or the steps of a process. This video demonstrates how to create as well as edit this type of block.

How To Create The Gallery Block

A gallery block is a slide show of photos. This video demonstrates how to crate as well as edit this type of block.